Andy Mann
Team Member

Andy Mann is a native Oregonian; his roots are in the eastern Oregon, where he grew up in a small agricultural town and moved to the big city as an adult. He is a father of two, who he loves spending time with and believes in strong family values and close knit communities. Andy is a strong believer in the idea that it takes a community to raise our youth and is committed to build strong supportive communities and to ins ll those same values in our youth.

In his spare time, Andy loves to enjoy the beautiful outdoors that Oregon has to offer. He loves hiking, river racing, disc golf and anything that can be done outdoors.

Andy has a background is sales and has been one of the top sellers in his field; qualifying for the “Million Dollar Club” for the past 4 years. His experience and dedication on to sales is evident to those who work with him. He also has many years of experience in construction on and design, and has a keen eye for craftmanship and quality. He is someone you want on your side when choosing to make a major purchase.

Andy is a dedicated worker who does not stop un l the job is done and done right.

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